My Testimony

      It all started after My Lord touched me in a very special way during my transformation from a world of violence and hatred to a path of undelifing love, inexpressible peace and joy which is very difficult to explain which my Lord spoke to me to spread the same in words and deeds it was a prolonged and silent wish since 2002.

On 26th January 2009 swagat ashram was established My Lord guided me to start this ashram its service to the poorest of the poor .this came about a result of my response to gods calling, namely to reach out to the humanity with love and saving grace of our lord Jesus Christ. To share with the broken hearted & give them hope through prayer & service.

Swagat means welcome and all are welcomed to this home made of love, care affection and most importantly respect for life which is most important in the eyes of the lord swagat ashram is home for the lonely, depressed living in hopelessness. They are cared with love & compassion. We care for the young in feel that they are accepted in a very special way as they are precious in the presence of the most high God. a home for the unwanted a home for people who were not welcome in their own homes, a home for the sick and suffering, poor and hungry, widows and orphans a home for the youth who has lost their way home, a home for the homeless aged who have been driven away from their homes.